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Hitachi Elevator is committed to making people move more easily in the city. The concept of HUMAN FRIENDLY is that it integrates these people's unconscious behavior into products and services by integrating design and technology into products and services. Through practical use in various fields, such contact points can be tangibly embodied.

Hitachi Elevator with HUMAN FRIENDLY


Advanced image sensor technology, which is used to judge the crowded situation in the elevator, to identify whether there are passengers on wheelchairs or hand strollers, improving the efficiency of the elevator.
Through the capsules in detail on the internal performance of induction and analysis, control elevators adjust to reasonable operation mechanism, to alleviate the crowded conditions.


Set perceived at the entrance of escalators passenger walking speed and automatically temporarily slow down the pace "sensor", made by ladder process became more smooth and safe.
At the same time, also equipped with emergency cases, can make the escalator slow stop "slow stop function" to pedal, cascade clear yellow "around the safety line", to prevent his trousers, shoes into "skirt plate clamp device" and "kick board pedal security boundary", etc.
These features and device, will contribute to improve the escalator safety performance.

No matter when To ensure the smooth move without interruption

Advanced science and technology about mobile with the linkage of the smart phone or smart watches, make through security access becomes more smooth.
College on the other hand, use to floor reservation system, can shorten the waiting time.
College as non-contact keys to promote the use, to achieve faster movement.

24 hours customer service center

Maintenance engineers and advanced system, 24 hours a day, 365 days of elevator remote monitoring and running state of building equipment.
At the same time, import mobile phone and other communication equipment used for the LTE high-speed communication technology, through its internal and customer service center of image transmission, realize the two-way communication is smooth.
Mr. Naoto Fukasawa X Hitahchi

Mr.Fukasawa collaborates with world leading companies and brands in such countries as Italy,
France , Germany, Switzerland , Spain, Scandinavian countries and Asian countries while consulting Japanese leading companies locally.
His area of work is broad and he works with various fields in design beyond categories.

Elevator Concept Model HF-1

The concept model HF-1 was born of
Hitachi Elevator ‘s basic concept of HUMAN FRIENDLY.
We have invited Mr.Naoto Fukasawa to work on this design.
Overall, the design had roundness,
From the entire spatial design to individual parts,
Creating an environment that doesn’t feel at all oppressive.
The lights in the elevator were conceptualized
From the perspective of “quality of comfort”
To make the atmosphere
Feel like a comforting cocoon
The moment you walk in.
Caring for you, and making you feel comfortable.
Innovation of our transportation system
Begins here.

Elevator Concept Model HF-1

※"HF-1" has not been sold in the country.

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