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Special Elevator Projects

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Special Elevator Projects


The use of buildings becomes more and more integrated in our work and life. A complex project may contain a variety of demands for elevators. The demands of elevators for medical treatment, firefighting and cargo, and so on, are needed more and more by society. For this purpose, we set up a dedicated team to respond to such special applications, to provide non-standard products through standard elevator products.

Hitachi Elevator for Medical Treatment

It may be needed to respond to emergencies in medical treatment situations. So, a medical elevator requires designs to meet that common use, and also shall be designed as a convenient elevator for medical staff and medical equipment.

Hitachi elevators for medical treatment purpose can serve in such places as hospitals, modernized medical treatment centers, nursing homes, health centers, and so on.

?Compared to traditional elevators for medical treatment, the machine room area is reduced by 47%.

?Permanent magnet synchronous technology provides patients with quiet and comfortable riding.

?Dozens of operation interfaces are available for medical treatment places.

?The leveling accuracy reaches up to ±10mm, which realizes access into the elevator with "no vibration".

Hitachi Elevator for Firefighting

Hitachi elevators for firefighting purposes can not only be used as common ones, but also it provides features like firefighting, water-proof, electricity shock proof, etc., with the condition of ensuring comfortable riding. In case of fire in the building, this kind of elevator can guarantee the fireman's safety and assist in extinguishing the fire and for implementing rescue.

?The fire control function allows the elevator to be in the mode of communication, running, and be protection, specially, for firefighters.

?Cab and electric components are fireproof, waterproof and electric shock proof.

?With double permanent magnet configuration, the host can be controlled at the minimum standard.

?The hidden type rescue ladder is built in the car, which does not affect the whole appearance, and is convenient for firefighter operation.

Hitachi Elevators for Cargo

Hitachi elevators for cargo solve the issue of vertically transporting large sized cargo. Solid design, high loading capacity and accurate control make it can easy to load and unload common large-sized goods in work and life like furniture, bulky goods and even automobiles.

?We provide elevators with and without machine rooms to meet different customer demands.

?An hydraulic buffer that meets the market trend is used.

?”With the function of "non-weighing start compensation", the elevator can be started and run efficiently and comfortably under different load conditions.

?Manual re-leveling function make the overloaded goods access the elevator with more labor saving.

Classic Projects

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