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Hitachi News

Tencent Global Digital Ecosystem Summit: Hitachi partners with Tencent Welink to promote development of the smart building sector

2019-05-23 10:43 Hitachi News

The 2019 Tencent Global Digital Ecosystem Summit kicked off on May 21, 2019 at Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center, Yunnan province, China. During the intelligent construction forum, a part of the summit, Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. president Jia Yuhui delivered a speech entitled "Hitachi, with100-year history, partners with Tencent Welink to promote development of the smart building sector". Following the speech, he engaged in in-depth exchanges with the attendees on the subject.


In terms of digitalized construction of cities, smart buildings have become an inevitable trend in the construction industry whereby new technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, energy management and integrated building information modeling (BIM). These have been increasingly used to make buildings intelligent. It is achieved by enabling an interconnection between smart building management and service information, as well as data sharing, network convergence and functional synergies. Knowing that elevators are closely connected to public transportation and also as an integral part of smart buildings, Hitachi has been committed to provide customers "pressure-free mobility" transportation solutions.

Mr. Jia explained, "Elevators, a product with 'inherent traffic', need to be intelligent so that they can meet the huge traffic demand by enabling an effective split flow of buildings and enhancing the building's operating efficiency."


Meanwhile, elevators also serve as the entrance to various facilities.. As a result, creating an ecosystem around elevators is expected to offer great potential and value. While connecting to other systems installed within buildings, including, access control and gate systems, cameras as well as delivery and security robots, elevators can enhance the intelligence and convenience of afacilities. In addition, elevators are leading the transformation of the smart community and retail scenarios into independent self-functioning e-commerce entities in their own right.

Thedevelopment of smart buildings is driving the digital transformation of elevator manufacturers, including innovation in elevator products and intelligent interconnection between elevators and other systems within buildings. Hitachi plans to engage in in-depth collaborations with Tencent to jointly develop and create IoT solutions for smart cities and buildings. Along with a number of Chinese firms, Hitachi attended the summit with the goal of sharing its best practices in operations with partners from a variety of sectors and engaging in discussions with them on various models for collaboration,.i Furthermore, displaying solutions and products specially tailored for urban environments are also goals..


Hitachi is evolving from a traditional manufacturer to a digital company via the building of an AIoT (AI + IoT) business by leveraging a century of experience in manufacturing in combination with the latest technologies, with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT, creating new value for society.

Currently, Hitachi, in cooperation with Tencent, is supplying "pressure-free move" transportation solutions to Shanghai-based Lingang Group's Hero land project located in China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Park in Taopu, a town in the northwest section of Putuo district, Shanghai. By integrating Hitachi's smart elevator systems into Tencent Welink's intelligent visualization platform, the solutions offer a closely-knit interconnection between the elevators and other systems within buildings and digitalization of construction space, helping to create

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