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Hitachi News

Wonderful! 38-Year-Old Hitachi Elevators In Guangzhou Baiyun Hotel Bring A Refreshing Change

2021-12-20 16:58 Hitachi News

On December 6, Hitachi Elevator completed the acceptance of the first batch of elevators for Guangzhou Baiyun Hotel and officially delivered them to guests.


Hitachi elevators replacement and delivery ceremony of Guangzhou Baiyun Hotel Project


Baiyun Hotel, China’s highest-ever building, opened in 1976 and installed Hitachi elevators in 1983. Although the elevators have been in use for more than 38 years, they still function well. In September this year, Baiyun Hotel cooperated with Hitachi Elevator to upgrade the elevators to improve its hardware environment and elevator experience further.


Xu Junjie, General Manager of Engineering Headquarters of Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd., said, “To minimize the impact of upgrading operations on Baiyun Hotel and its guests, we implemented a high level of enclosure protection on floor hall doors and flexibly adjusted the operation cycle and time. In addition to upgrading the elevator equipment, we also equipped the elevators with the latest intelligent group control system, which can realize intelligent partition, intelligent deploymentand other functions according to the service conditions of the elevators and improve the mobile efficiency and ride experience of the guests.”


Xu Junjie, General Manager of Engineering Headquarters of Hitachi up (China) Co., Ltd.


By 2020, the number of elevators in China exceeded 7.8 million, and more than 2.7 million of the elevators are expected to be upgraded from 2019 to 2030. For elevators with longer service life, apart from implementing more rigorous elevator maintenance schemes, comprehensive examination and upgrading plans for the elevators will also be carried out by Hitachi Elevator, all to reassurthe guests about the safe riding of elevators.


Xu Junjie said that upgrading elevators in a building needs to fully consider the characteristics of the building and the needs of different elevator use scenarios. From design, construction protection, construction period, and elevator function application, Hitachi Elevator is well-qualified to provide customers with customized and quality-assured upgrading solutions while minimizing their impacts on the guests.

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