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Hitachi News

Hitachi Elevator grows with employees

2021-05-11 14:00 Hitachi News

Employees are the cornerstone of the enterprise’s long-term development. Since its establishment, Hitachi Elevator has been providing challenging job opportunities and broad development space for every employee based on respecting the rights and development needs of employees and growing together with employees.


Inspire the power to grow

We always pay attention to the learning and growth of each employee, adhere to the combination of personal development of employees and enterprise development, not only in the organization, system for the continuous improvement of the employees’ ability to build an effective guarantee, but also in the course organization and learning funds for the employees’ growth to provide a powerful drive.

We are always committed to providing employees with rich and flexible learning options: face-to-face courses, industry exchanges, live broadcasting, micro classes and other forms to help employees improve their professional ability and achieve comprehensive quality development in an all-around way. In 2020 alone, Hitachi Elevator achieved 274,291 online training and 24,303 offline training.

At the same time, we encourage all employees to explore learning opportunities for self-improvement, support employees to go out to study, improve their academic degree, and create opportunities for each striver to challenge themselves and continue to develop.


Sunrise Talent Program

Since 2013, we have carried out the construction of the employer brand system, attached importance to the introduction of diversified talents, and took the network manufacturing base as the regional core, transferred the company's professional knowledge and skills resources to schools, and carried out school-enterprise cooperation.

Over the years, Hitachi Elevators “Sunrise Plan” employer brand has been promoted and disseminated on campus. More than 70 undergraduate colleges and 30 higher vocational colleges have established cooperative relations with Hitachi Elevator. The university-enterprise cooperation could not only guarantee the stability of the talent introduction channel, but also provides a good condition for the construction and development of practice training bases.


Ensure health and safety

We regard health and safety as the top priority of business management. As early as its establishment, Hitachi Elevator passed the ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification assessment. The company strictly abides by the "Safety Production Law of the People's Republic of China" and other laws and regulations and OHSAS18001 safety and health management system requirements, continuously improves the corporate occupational health and safety management related rules and regulations, conducts daily supervision and inspection, creates a safe and healthy cultural atmosphere, enhances employee safety and health awareness, makes people healthy life, happy work.


Create a warm workplace

While ensuring salary competitiveness, Hitachi Elevator has been committed to building a workplace environment rich in humanistic care and creating a "home" atmosphere for employees. Through birthday parties, health lectures, outdoor group building, fitness clubs and other ways, we provide employees with a work-life balance environment and solutions to protect employees’happiness .

For employees with special needs, Hitachi Elevator has adopted diversified ways to provide support for them, setting up systems such as severe illness relief fund and love fund to provide help for employees according to their actual needs.


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